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A dental bridge is often a convenient and effective method for replacing a missing tooth. It is typically created in a dental lab from durable dental materials that replicate the strength of natural tooth enamel.

However, just like a natural tooth, it is still possible for something to chip or fracture a dental bridge. This could come in the form of an unprotected blow to the face during sports, or something as mundane as grinding your teeth on a nightly basis.

Even if the damage to the dental bridge is minor, you should still have it examined by a professionally trained dentist like Dr. Jayson C. Haws. The more you delay, the greater the chances are of suffering a more severe complication.

While you are waiting for your appointment you need to refrain from wiggling or manipulating the dental bridge. Even a small amount of motion could potentially damage one of the anchoring abutments. Any necessary cleaning measures should be left to Dr. Haws and his highly trained staff.

If both of the internal abutments remain unaffected, Dr. Haws might be able to simply create a new dental bridge for you. If an abutment has been traumatized he might need to perform a root canal. This will restore enough structure to secure a new bridge into place.

If you are in the Brigham City, Utah, are and you have a damaged dental bridge, you should not delay in calling 435-734-9144 to seek professional care at Haws Family Dentistry.