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Many children, teens, and adults are working hard to finally achieve their smile goals with orthodontic treatments, but how do you know that you need to be one of those people? Well, we are happy to help you! There are many signs and signals you can look for to know if you need braces, and some of those signs and signals include:

• If you have crooked or crowded teeth.
• If you have gaps in your smile.
• If you have missing or extra teeth.
• If you have an overbite or underbite.
• If you have an improper or incorrect jaw position.
• If you have a jaw joint disorder.

Now remember, the advice of an orthodontist is the best choice available if you think you might need braces. So, we invite you to call our office today and schedule an appointment with our orthodontist if you have any of the previously mentioned oral health problems. Also, if you have a child who might need braces, you can examine their oral cavity and identify one or more of the following problems:

• Early, late, or irregular loss of baby teeth
• Crowding or crooked teeth
• Biting of the cheek or roof of the mouth
• Difficulty biting or chewing
• Gaps in the smile
• Jaws and teeth that are disproportionate to the rest of the face
• Jaws that shift or make sounds
• An overbite or underbite

If you have any questions, please call our office today and talk to a member of our team. We are here to help you and your family members reach your smile goals, and we look forward to working with you!