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Did you know that your smile may be at risk for several forms of dental damage during cold and flu season? Are you aware that the risk of damage is greatly increased when you are sick? If this wasn’t enough, individuals often neglect brushing and flossing when they are sick. To practice effective oral hygiene routines when you are sick, consider the following quiz to assess your oral health care during cold and flu season:

Question 1: How does cold and flu season affect my smile?
A: an increase in tooth sensitivity
B: a rise in dry mouth
C: the potential for dental erosion
D: all of the above

Question 2: Which of the following are benefits of proper oral hygiene when you are ill?
A: restore missing teeth
B: cleaning your mouth out can lower your risk for oral health ailments associated with being ill
C: brushing and flossing can repair broken and damaged teeth
D: none of the above

Question 3: Which of the following is not a risk factor for your oral health when you are sick?
A: an increase in dental erosion
B: dental abrasion is associated with extra sensitive teeth if you are vomiting
C: being sick can lead to dry mouth symptoms
D: all of the above are risk factors to your oral health when you’re sick

Question 4: Which of the following are treatments for your smile when you are sick?
A: brushing and flossing
B: using therapeutic mouthwash and non-abrasive sugarless chewing gum
C: staying hydrated and avoiding foods or medications that can lead to dry mouth
D: all of the above

Answer Key:
D, B, D, D

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