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Are you a retainer wearer? Well, we are happy to help you take great care of your appliance! By doing the following things, your retainer will remain in tip-top shape:

Clean your retainer regularly: Each time your retainer is in your mouth, the plaque and bacteria is likely to transport from your teeth to your appliance, which is why it is extremely important to clean your retainer regularly. In order to properly clean your appliance, soak it in denture cleaner or mouth rinse and scrub it with a soft-bristled toothbrush.

Keep your appliance in a safe place: It is very easy to misplace your retainer because it is removable. To keep track of your appliance, make sure you have it in a safe, secure, and memorable place, like your bathroom drawer, backpack, or purse. Also, please do not put the retainer in your pocket or on your lunch tray. If you do this, your appliance can be easily lost or broken.

Protect your retainer: To keep your retainer in great condition, keep it out of hot or dry environments. If you leave it in a hot place, like in direct sunlight, a dishwasher, or a washing machine, the retainer can warp and melt. If you leave it in a dry place, the appliance can crack and break. If possible, put the retainer in water, denture cleaner, or mouthwash often.

Carefully place and remove your retainer: Many people flip their retainer with their tongue when they remove it from their mouth, which is an easy way to break your appliance. Please be careful when you insert and remove your retainer, and do your best to do so in a safe, effective, and accurate way without harming or bending the wires.

Don’t wrap your retainer in tissue: When you brush your teeth or eat, please do not place your retainer on napkins or tissues. If you do, the fibers on the material will stick to your appliance and make it extremely difficult to clean. It is also easy to accidentally throw your retainer away if it is wrapped in a napkin.

To learn more about taking great care and cleaning your retainer, please feel free to call our orthodontic office. We are happy to help you!