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Over time, many misconceptions and myths about dentures have developed, sometimes discouraging individuals from choosing dentures to achieve healthy teeth. The truth is that patients who receive properly fitted dentures and practice excellent dental hygiene can enjoy healthy, beautiful smiles. Our dentist and team are here to disprove three common denture myths to help you understand the benefits of dentures.

Myth: Receiving dentures can be painful.
Truth: Modern denture techniques ensure you should not experience pain since denture technology has greatly improved. Many patients who receive dentures report that the procedure was much more comfortable than anticipated.

Myth: Dentures are equal to natural teeth.
Truth: While dentures are an effective replacement for missing teeth, they are still artificial and will provide only about 20% of the bite force of real teeth. Because dentures may not be able to handle certain foods, you should be prepared to adjust your diet.

Myth: Dentures will last a lifetime.
Truth: Though your dentures are custom made of sturdy materials, normal wear will require them to be relined and repaired periodically. Over time, your mouth and jaw can also change, and you will need to visit the dentist for adjustments.

We encourage you to not let denture myths prevent you from having a beautiful smile. Contact Haws Family Dentistry at 435-734-9144 if you wish to speak with Dr. Jayson C. Haws about receiving dentures in Brigham City, Utah.