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Since the brackets and wires are attached to the f teeth, they are very difficult to clean. With a few minor lifestyle changes you can keep your braces clean and free from damage.

It’s not uncommon for chewing gum and eating sticky foods to damage braces. These substances can get stuck in and around the wires, bands and spacers. It can loosen brackets, bend wires or pull spacers out. You should also try to avoid eating hard candy and crunchy foods as well as chewing on hard objects, pencils, pens and ice.

If something does come loose or break you can secure it inside a piece of orthodontic wax to protect your mouth from injury. Call us immediately to schedule an appointment to repair it.

Most people with braces like to use interdental brushes, and dental water jets to remove food particles from between your teeth, and other hard to reach spots. Floss threaders with waxy floss can also help make it easier to work floss into your teeth.

If you have questions or you are due for your next adjustment, please feel free to call us at 435-734-9144 to schedule your next appointment.