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Did you know that over 42,000 new cases of oral cancer are found every year in the United States? The faster oral cancer is discovered and treated, the greater the chance for a positive recovery. Here are some questions to ask yourself when checking for oral cancer:

– Do you have persistent sore throats and pains in the back of your throat?
– Are you experiencing bouts of numbness or streaking pains within the facial area?
– Do you ever bleed from your mouth?
– Have you noticed significant changes in your smile and body, such as drastic weight loss, changes in your teeth’s alignment, or issues when speaking or eating?
– Do you see any visible symptoms of damage in your mouth, like irregular or abnormal colored and speckled patches, bumps and lumps, and eroded areas with your gums?
– Are there any wounds on your head and face that have taken their time to heal?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, make an appointment with Haws Family Dentistry for an oral cancer screening. Dr. Jayson C. Haws can help you determine whether you have cancer. If you would like to book an appointment with our dentist office in Brigham City, Utah, just call us at 435-734-9144. We’re happy to hear from you!