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If you lost a tooth as a result of it being knocked out, extracted, or deeply affected by tooth decay, you could experience decreased function and long-term health of your mouth in more ways than one. For example, you will be chewing with fewer teeth and may notice changes to your facial structure that make you look older, but the biggest problem is how tooth loss affects the alignment of your teeth. You can forestall problems of tooth loss and restore function to your smile by receiving a dental bridge.

Gaps in your smile allow neighboring teeth to shift and drift into the open spaces, changing your bite and risking dental problems such as chipped and fractured teeth and enamel attrition. If you seek treatment options for tooth loss early enough, you have a good chance of repairing the issue with conservative treatment such as a dental bridge.

Placing a dental bridge requires our team to transform the two neighboring teeth into abutments by removing the layer of tooth enamel so that all that remains is a pair of healthy dentin pillars. Then, we send an impression of these and surrounding areas to a state-of-the-art dental lab, who will custom make your dental bridge. Later, we will schedule a brief follow-up visit so that we can cement your dental bridge onto the abutments using a powerful dental adhesive.

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