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If you are debating where you should seek dental treatment for a cavity or ignore its presence, our dental team encourages you to take action now. Tooth decay can become very serious and dangerous for your oral health if not treated right away. If addressed in the early stages, you can receive conservative treatment in the form of a dental filling. Delaying tooth decay treatment puts you at risk of needing the following restorative dental care:

– Dental crown: An untreated cavity can cause a large section of your tooth to become damaged and unfit for a simple dental filling. If a lot of the tooth is affected, a dental crown may be required to protect the remaining structure.

– Root canal treatment: If the decay from a cavity reaches the inner pulp chamber that houses the tooth nerve and blood vessels, the pulp can become infected and irritated, causing you significant pain. You could also be at risk of an abscess if you don’t receive root canal treatment to address situation.

– Tooth extraction: If the cavity advances to the point that we can’t restore the tooth, our dentist may need to arrange for a tooth extraction. We prefer to avoid this scenario as much as possible so that you can keep your natural smile.

We encourage you to avoid these restorative services if possible by addressing the early stages of tooth decay, when treatment is more conservative. To learn more about tooth decay in Brigham City, Utah, we encourage you to contact Haws Family Dentistry at 435-734-9144 and schedule an appointment with Dr. Jayson C. Haws.