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Dental Implants VS Dentures

The beauty of a smile or hearty laughter is enhanced by the sparkling white teeth beneath. Dental Implants and Dentures are both ways to restore your smile. But what is the difference?

Statistically, most adults will have at least one missing tooth because of different reasons. Dental fixtures offer solutions by fixing the missing teeth, whether cosmetically or medically. The desire to have the perfect set of teeth that will affect your jawbone’s alignment might push you into fixing your teeth. Though it may take numerous appointments and delicate procedures, it is essential to fix the teeth gaps. Dental implants and dentures will help you achieve your teeth goals.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are a more permanent solution for your missing teeth. They have three parts which are usually surgically implanted into your gums during fitting. An aluminum tapered ‘root’ is surgically implanted in your jawbone to mimic the actual roots of the teeth, where they will leave it for a while to heal and bond with your natural gum, usually at least 6 months.

The dentist will then use a connector to connect the replacement tooth. Once it is fitted, it will look exactly like your other teeth; it will be difficult to distinguish between them.

Dental implants take time, finances, and efforts to fix. It can be a bit of a wait for the final fixture. However, it is easier to maintain them using the normal toothbrush, toothpaste, or floss.


Dentures include temporary tooth fixation in their fitting process. It does not take long to have dentures. Mostly, you will find that you can do it on a day’s appointment work. However, you will need an earlier fitting to determine the exact shape and size of your jawbone. Once it has been determined, it is easy for the dentist to fit the denture after your remaining teeth have been removed.

Whether you are getting a partial, complete, upper, or lower denture, you need to ensure that they will fit perfectly and give you the expected look. Some people will prefer to retain some of their natural teeth and fit an overdenture.

Dentures are quite cheap to fit as compared to dental implants. However, the costs over time tend to be much higher than for their counterparts. The subsequent dentist appointments you will need for proper denture maintenance is cumbersome and quite expensive. Denture care will often include brushing and rinsing them before putting them on.

Should You Choose Dental Implants Or Dentures?

Before choosing between dental implants and dentures, you need to consider which effect you would like to achieve and how much you are willing to spend on fitting and maintenance.

Dental implants have a more significant permanent impact and maintain the beauty aspect of your jawbone. They are more appealing due to their effects in beautifying your smile, improving your dental health, and giving you comfort. The performance and durability rate is also quite higher than that of dentures.

With these dental implants benefits, it is evident that implants will give you your value for money.

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