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Dental Treatments For Toothache

Toothache is commonly cited as one of the worst types of pain it is possible to experience yet exactly what you feel can vary widely depending on what exactly is causing the discomfort. The pain can come and go or remain constant. It may be mild and irritating or agonizing and make it difficult to think about anything else. It may even be made worse by certain situations, such as eating or drinking or brushing your teeth.

One of the trickiest things about a toothache is that it isn’t always easy to tell exactly which tooth the pain is coming from – or if it is even a tooth at all. Sometimes dental pain is caused by an issue in the jaw, gums or even the sinuses. It can also be experienced by people of any age at any time. As an adult, it is easier to understand toothache, but if you have a young child, it can be heartbreaking watching them suffer.

Nobody deserves to be in pain, and so if you are suffering from a toothache, it is important that you arrange to see your dentist fairly quickly. We understand that toothache is rarely as simple as people think and it is one of the most common problems cited by patients that visit our family dental practice in Brigham City, UT. 

Common Causes Of Toothache

There can be many different things that cause someone to experience a toothache. These include:

  • Dental decay and the development of a cavity
  • A dental abscess
  • A loose or broken filling
  • A cracked, broken or damaged tooth
  • An infection: this can occur within a tooth or to the soft tissue of the gums and other tooth-supporting structures
  • Problems with orthodontic braces
  • Recent teeth whitening

Treatment For Toothache

Exactly what treatment you will need to resolve your toothache will largely depend on what is believed to be causing it. Our dental team will be able to make an accurate diagnosis and will use this information to recommend the best type of treatment to you. Some of the most common treatments for a toothache include the following:

Cavity Fillings

Arguably the most common dental treatment performed in the world, cavity fillings are used to treat areas of decay in your teeth. When decay forms, it exposes the inner, more sensitive layers of your tooth. When these come into contact with anything hot, cold or even just the normal air around us, it can cause pain. If you have a cavity, the decayed areas of the tooth will be removed and the hole that is left will be filled with a special material designed to prevent further decay from occurring.

Prescription Medications

Many people don’t like taking medications, but when it comes to dealing with dental pain, often over-the-counter drugs aren’t enough to take the edge off. Whilst the cause of your toothache will be determined and treated, we want to ensure that you aren’t in unnecessary pain. As such, we may prescribe stronger medications to help you manage your discomfort.

In addition to pain meds, if you have an infection you may also be prescribed antibiotics. These aren’t effective for root canal infections but will help reduce inflammation and fight other forms of infection, such as those that occur within the gums or as a result of a partially erupted tooth.


We are committed to preserving your natural teeth for as long as possible. However, sometimes toothache occurs because of a problem with a tooth that cannot be treated. In these instances, extraction is the most viable option, particularly if there is a risk that what is causing your pain could impact on other healthy teeth. If we recommend an extraction, we will then talk to you about your options for tooth replacement, such as a bridge or a dental implant.

Professional Dental Cleaning

Despite our best efforts to stay on top of our dental health, many of us do not clean our teeth as well as we could or should. This can cause a build-up of plaque that can trigger decay, gum disease and other problems to develop. Professional cleanings that remove any bacteria which may be triggering dental pain and help prevent a toothache from occurring in the future.

Don’t suffer from toothache unnecessarily. Speak to our experienced and compassionate dental team and find out how we can help. Call our dental practice in Brigham City, UT today to schedule your appointment.

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