Invisalign Vs Traditional Braces

The term braces only became widely used in the 1900s. Modern-day braces were designed by a man, named Christophe-Francois Delabarre, in the year 1819. From this time, braces helped millions of individuals fix their teeth, not only for aesthetic purposes, but also for dental wellbeing. Even more modern braces were introduced in 1997 and became […]

Types Of Dental Crowns And What We Offer

Dental crowns are a quick and permanent fix for broken, discolored, and decayed teeth. Have you been feeling self-conscious about your teeth? Have you been experiencing any uncomfortable pain in your teeth and can’t get rid of it? Dental crowns may just be the solution you’re looking for! Being able to choose from a variety […]

What Is Preventive Dentistry?

When reading online or in one of your visits to a dental office, you may have come across the term preventative dentistry. This term may not be familiar for the average person because it’s more of a scientific name. Much like the word suggests, preventative dentistry refers to any activity that helps prevent oral health […]

Dental Implants VS Dentures

The beauty of a smile or hearty laughter is enhanced by the sparkling white teeth beneath. Dental Implants and Dentures are both ways to restore your smile. But what is the difference? Statistically, most adults will have at least one missing tooth because of different reasons. Dental fixtures offer solutions by fixing the missing teeth, […]

When Do You Need A Tooth Extraction?

So are you considering tooth extraction because of some dental pain? Remember, not every pain means you rush to family dentistry to get your tooth pulled out. In most cases, you can repair damaged or broken teeth with crown or filling. What Is A Tooth Extraction? Extracting a tooth is a dental procedure where your […]

How Does Periodontal Therapy Help Heal Gum Disease?

Periodontal disease is a gum infection, also referred to as gum disease or periodontitis. When left untreated periodontitis can damage the bones and soft tissue that support the teeth. Periodontitis is a result of bacteria that builds up on your gums and teeth. Gum disease can eventually cause the teeth to become loose or even […]

Can Wisdom Teeth Cause Swollen Lymph Nodes In Your Neck?

Wisdom teeth are the four molars in the back of your mouth. Often, wisdom teeth are removed between ages 18-24 years old because the teeth can be unnecessary and usually become impacted. There are many reasons why Dr. Haws may recommend wisdom tooth removal. One of the reasons is that your teeth are impacted, causing […]

Bring Your Kids To Our Friendly Children’s Dentistry!

Helping your child care for their teeth is a lifelong gift you can give them as a parent. Your child’s smile will always be a complex part of who they are. Help your child care for their teeth with children’s dentistry from Haws Family Dentistry. Children’s dentistry is a way for your child to care […]

Invisalign For Teens

Help your teen align their smile with Invisalign for teens from Haws Family Dentistry in Brigham City, Utah. Invisalign is a nearly invisible way to straighten your child’s teeth. Invisalign can also correct bite concerns such as overbite and underbite. To learn more about how Invisalign can help your teen, keep reading. How Does Invisalign […]